Performance Upgrades & Tuning

E3 specializes in performance upgrades and the tuning of luxury, exotic and sports cars. We offer installation of performance-related parts and equipment. With track experience and industry knowledge, we are able to offer only the best performance products.


Tuning is a delicate project of balance; A balance of horsepower, design, and reliability. Without this balance your experience with such machines may be compromised. Each vehicle is unique even off the show room floor and they have their small differences, though minor, they are different. Small aspects as production date and the tooling used will create slight differences during the build process, while temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, fuel quality, and the brand of fuel being used will all effects the vehicle when driving. But the one key factor that creates the largest difference is the driver behind the wheel, everyone is different and everyone has their own unique way of driving and that is our focus point when we customize a tune.


We believe consistent, reliable, and smooth are what make for a winning combination, more so than anything else. We have created custom tunes with a smoother, more controllable, and consistent feel which makes for a tune that not only wins on the track but off the track. As with anything, as the electronics of the world advance so must the professional tuners and our staff continue to grow through education, firsthand experience and listening to the customers’ requests, so we may apply, develop a customized tune for your vehicle that is truly a work of art.

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