We know what it takes to build some of the fastest and most reliable cars around. E3’s aligner is so precise and advanced that it is also used as a measuring device for collision repair to pinpoint problem areas. It even has the ability to compensate for lowered vehicles and vehicles with suspension geometry out of factory specifications. Whether your car is stock and in need of alignment or your car has been lowered and you need to ensure it is aligned properly to minimize tire wear, E3 techs will get the suspension geometry into perfect specification, be it factory or custom, without any problems.


For racing alignments, E3 offers specialized care and expertise including setting rake, adjusting ride height, corner balancing, and more. E3 offers specialized alignment services specific to Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, McLaren, and more.


Road car customers benefit from E3’s experience in chassis setup which is second to none in the industry. E3 offers competition corner balancing and chassis setup for race cars and road cars which are equipped with coil over type adjustable suspensions. We also offer the setup and installation of coil over adjustable suspensions. Corner balancing is a key component in improving your vehicles handling a proper corner balance will optimize the vehicles handling characteristics while also improving the vehicles balance. A corner balance is simple effective way to get the most out of your vehicles handling performance.